Hannah Alpert-Abrams

  I work with digital collections, host digital projects, and occasionally write blog posts and book reviews for online publications. I also host several crowdsourced bibliographies or reading lists for researchers and instructors.

Digital Projects

Archivo Histórico de la Policía Nacional de Guatemala

Online portal to the digital repository for the Guatemala Police Archive.

Reading the First Books

A two-year, multi-university effort to develop tools for the automatic transcription of early modern printed books. Funded by the NEH Office of Digital Humanities (2015-2017).

The Archaeology of a Book

An experimental approach to reading rare books in archival contexts. Published with Scalar (2015). (Not reviewed)

Crowdsourced Bibliographies

Archives and Social Justice Reading List

This resource documents activities of the archives and social justice reading group at the University of Texas, Austin, and includes an extensive bibliography.

Latin American and Caribbean Digital Humanities Projects

A crowdsourced list of digital humanities projects.

Diversify your Book History Syllabus

A crowdsourced list of readings in book history.

Online Writing

Blog Posts

Partnering on Digital Archives and Human Rights in Guatemala

With Alex Galarza. Re:Thinking, January 23, 2018. [Español]

21 Years of Peace, 21 Million Documents: Revisting the Digital Portal to the Archivo Histórico de la Policía Nacional

Tex Libris, January 25, 2018. [Español]

Reading the First Books blog  


Pterodáctilo blog  

Revista de arte, literatura, lingüistica y cultura. 2013-2016.

Computational Linguistics and Literary Scholarship

With Dan Garrette. Language Log, September 12, 2013.

Full-Stop blog  

Disco, marriage, archival parties. 2012-2013.

Scholarly Book Reviews

Sandro Jung and Stephen Colclough, eds. The History of the Book. Thematic Issue of the Yearbook of English Studies, no. 45.

SHARP News, Spring 2016

Book Review: Kathryn Burns, Into the Archive.

E3W Review of Books, Spring 2014.

Popular Book Reviews  

Yoss, Super Extra Grande

Full Stop, 14 July 2016.

Agustín de Rojas, The Year 200

Pterodáctilo, 12 July 2016.

Forrest Gander, The Trace

Full Stop, 24 November 2014.

Hugo Ball, Flametti, or the Dandyism of the Poor

Full Stop, 8 April 2014.

Martín Adán, The Cardboard House

Full-Stop, 21 November 2012