Hannah Alpert-Abrams

  I speak on topics related to information science, digital humanities, and book history. This page serves as a repository for slides and text associated with conference presentations and invited talks.

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Culture Mapping 2020: Futures.

Facsimile Return: On the Replicative Exchange of Colonial Documents [ .pdf]
Talk for the 'Data Recovery' roundtable [ .pdf]

Society for the History of Authorship, Reading, and Publishing, July 2019.

The Perfect Copy: Replicas in motion in the U.S. and Mexico

Latin American Studies Association, May 2019.
[ .pdf]

Scaling Access to State Records of Repression

With Tamy Guberek. Latin American Studies Association, May 2019.
[ .pdf]

Multilingual Texts in a Digital Age

Wellesley College, April 2019.
[ .pdf]

Digital Futures: Critical Digital Archives Panel

University of Connecticut, March 2019.
[ .pdf]

Critical Digital Archives

Bates College, March 2019.
[ .pdf]

Critical Digital Archives

Arizona State University, Sept 2018.
[ .pdf]

Ensañanza Colectiva con Archivos Digitales

Archivos y Derechos Humanos: Experiencia de Colaboracion entre
AHPN y La Universidad de Texas. 27 July, 2018.

[Español .pdf] [English .pdf]

Eternal Sunrise: Digital Lifecycles and Long Term Preservation for Social Justice Archives

Digital Humanities 2018, Mexico City, MX. [slides .pdf] [en español]

Building Early Colonial Corpora for Digital Scholarship

Digital Humanities 2018, Mexico City, MX. [slides .pdf]

Critical Digital Archives (Lightning Talk)

Digital Jumpstart Workshops, University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS. [slides .pdf]

Transcribing Multilingual Documents in the Digital Age

Recovering the US Hispanic Literary Heritage Project, Houston, TX. [slides .pdf]

An Unexpected Influence: Photostat Machines in Colonial Libraries, 1895-1915

Book History and Digital Humanities Conference, University of Wisconsin [slides .pdf]

Reading the First Books Symposium: Project Introduction

Reading the First Books Symposium, University of Texas at Austin [slides .pdf]

Fellows Talk: An Unexpected Influence [+]

John Carter Brown Library [slides .pdf]

Optical Character Recognition

MLA 2017 [slides .pdf]

Esta ãphibologia no ay ē latin: Machine reading linguistic hybridity in the Primeros Libros

Tercer Encuentro de Humanidades Digitales [slides .pdf] [notes .pdf]

The Electronic Edition of Colonial and Nineteenth-Century Latin American Texts: New Tools, New Models for Collaboration (workshop panelist) [+]

Latin American Studies Association 2016 [slides .pdf]

Printed Books as Digital Textual Objects: the case of the Advertencias para los confessores de los Naturales [+]

Modern Language Association 2016 [slides .pdf] [project website]

Machine Reading in the Mexican Colonial Archive: OCR and the Primeros Libros [+]

ADE STS Joint Conference 2015 [slides .pdf]

Automatic Transcription in Colonial Contexts

Hannah Alpert-Abrams and Dan Garrette

TXDHC 2015 [poster .pdf]

Reading the Primeros Libros: from Archive to OCR [+]

Hannah Alpert-Abrams and Dan Garrette

ACLA 2015 [slides .pdf]

From Archival Network to Digital Archive:
Digital Repatriation and the Advertencias para los Confessores de los Naturales

TXDHC 2014

Hybrid Romances in Borges and Baudelaire   [+]

ACLA 2013

In Memory and Archives   [+]

Collected writings from the "Memory and Archives" panel at the 2012 Graduate Association in Comparative Literature conference at the University of Texas at Austin.