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This schedule shows deadlines for all graded assignments throughout the semester. It will be updated with reading requirements and other assignments as the semester progresses.

Unit 1: Describing a controversy and mapping the various positions within it.

TH 8-29 First Day Handout

T 9-3: Due: Introduction: What Money Can’t Buy and worksheet
TH 9-5 Due: Bring in article and complete research worksheet

T 9-10 Due: complete Controversy Worksheet
TH 9-12 Due: email the article that you have selected for RS1, with MLA citation, to Hannah (halperta@gmail.com)

T 9-17: Due: RS1. Please email by 11:30am, and bring a print copy to class.
TH 9-19

T 9-24: Due: RS2 in class
TH 9-26: Due: RS3 at 11.30am by e-mail or canvas

T 10-1 Due: Paper 1.1 draft in class
TH 10-3: Due: Paper 1.1 in class, with peer edit worksheet attached. (And by e-mail, 11.30am)

T 10-8
Th 10-10: no class. Visit UWC
Saturday 10-12: Due: Paper 1.2 (Revision) by e-mail by midnight (extension)

Unit 2: Analyzing a position within a controversy.

T 10-15
TH 10-17 Bring article for essay 2 to class.

T 10-22: RS4 Due: at 11.30am by e-mail
TH 10-24 RS5 Due: at 11.30am by e-mail

T 10-29: Paper 2.1 draft due in class for peer review. (not by email). Note that attendance is mandatory today.
TH 10-31 Paper 2.1 Due by e-mail, 11:30 am.

T 11-5:
TH 11-7 Paper 2.2 Due (Revision): due by 11.30am by e-mail (Note: turn in abstract with your paper revision)

Unit 3: Advocating a position within a controversy.

T 11-12 Research Summary 6: due by 11.30am by e-mail
TH 11-14

T 11-19 Final Presentations
TH 11-21: Final presentations

T 11-26 Paper 3.1 Due at 11.30am by e-mail
TH 11-28: No class: Thanksgiving

T 12-3:
TH 12-5: Paper 3.2 Due (Revision) / Last day of class