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Essay 1

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Revision guidelines for essay 1.2


In this 4-6 page essay (1200-1800 words), map out the various positions within your chosen controversy, stating clearly what those positions are and then highlighting the relationships among them. Do not take a position. Instead, your job is to articulate each position’s most compelling arguments. Your purpose is to teach an educated but underinformed reader (your fellow students & teacher) about the state of the controversy. Your goal is to provide an unbiased lay of the land.


After introducing your controversy, in the first few pages you’ll want to sketch out the basics of this controversy for your audience and offer a sense of its significance. For example, you may want to explain what events turned this issue into a controversy (history), who this controversy affects, how the outcome of the controversy may affect them, and why this controversy is important to others (why should anyone else care?).

In the following pages, you’ll need to accomplish both of the following:

  1. describe either the positions ranging across the entire field of the controversy or the various proposed solutions to the controversy (what we should do to fix the problem) or the various positions concerning some sub-topic within the controversy (i.e., assuming we do accept that marijuana has medicinal purposes, for example, in what cases or by what guidelines should its use be considered legal?). Feel free to choose any of the above approaches, but once you do, stick to it throughout.

  2. indicate the points of intersection and diversion among the positions

Don’t forget to document your sources according to the MLA documentation guides in Critical Situations, Easy Writer, and Purdue OWL.

Conclude with a reiteration of the relations among the various positions.


Your essay will be evaluated on:

Minimum Requirements

To earn a C or above, your essay must meet these requirements:


To be accepted your essay must meet these parameters.