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Essay 3

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Revision guidelines for essay 3.2


Your purpose in this essay is to write an article for a publication of your choice that advocates a position related to your controversy. You can choose any written medium, including a blog, an online magazine, a corporate journal, or a newspaper. In the first (longer) part of the essay, you will write an opinion article (approx. 1200-1800 words) in which you advocate for a particular position in your controversy. In the second part of the essay (600 to 1200 words), you will analyze your own rhetorical strategies, writing to convince me that you have constructed a successful and appropriate argument.


Choosing a context: In the upper left-hand corner, you must state the name and format of publication for your essay (for example: New York Times: Editorial or huffingtonpost.com: Blog).

Part One: Writing in the style of your chosen medium, you must construct a coherent argument in favor of a position of your choice. This argument should include at least one argument based on an ethos appeal, at least one argument based on a logos appeal, and at least one argument based on a pathos appeal. You also want to make sure to include a concession or a rebuttal. However, the most important thing is that you choose strategies that you consider effective and appropriate to your context. This should be 1000-1500 words.

Part Two: in the second part of your essay, you will need to analyze your own writing in order to convince me that you have constructed an effective argument. You need to explain how you demonstrate your credibility to your audience. You need to explain how much bias you chose to reveal in your writing, and why you think this is appropriate given the context you were writing for. Finally, you need to show how you are using rhetorical strategies to construct a coherent and convincing argument given the context of your publication. This should be 600-1200 words.

Minimum Requirements

For a C or above, your essay must:


For Part 1, you will be evaluated based on:

For Part 2, you will be evaluated based on: