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Final Presentation

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Assignment Overview

In this four to five minute presentation, you will argue for a single position in your controversy. You can use any strategy that you like to try to make your argument, but you must include at least one ethical, on emotional, and one logical appeal. You must also refute at least one opposing argument. This assignment will be most advantageous to you if you use it as a test for the argument you plan to write in essay 3.

Information you might choose to discuss in your presentation includes: the forum you are speaking/writing for in essay 3, history of the controversy, different positions you encountered relating to the controversy, your position, and why it is the best one. Remember your purpose is to both inform and persuade your audience.

It is strongly recommended, but not required, that you use visuals. If you do choose to use a visual aid, you can upload it in advance to the RHE306 Dropbox Folder.


Your presentation will be evaluated according to the following elements:

You must also meet the following requirements: * Under five minutes.