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Research Summary 1

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Assignment Overview

Write a one-page (300-350 word) paper summarizing the assigned review of Michael J. Sandel’s What Money Can’t Buy. You will be assigned one of the following three articles:


Offer a concise but thorough summary of the position this source is advocating. Start by introducing the article: who wrote it, what is it about, what controversy is it engaging with, and what position does it take? Then clearly describe the two or three main points that the author makes to support their position. Conclude by briefly describing how this article is relevant to your understanding of the controversy.

An effective research summary should be descriptive, rather than evaluative. Do not give your opinion of the article, or the controversy. Write in a formal tone, using a scholarly style. Back up your description with quotes when appropriate, followed by the page number in parentheses. Rather than covering all the points an author makes, clearly synthesize the information into a useful summary.


RS1 will be graded credit/no credit, with the exception of late penalties. Papers will not be accepted unless they meet the parameters below. The “content” and “writing” requirements are general guidelines for all upcoming assignments.

Research Content



Note: research summaries that do not meet these parameters will not be accepted.