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Research Summary 5

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Assignment Overview

For essay 2, you will be asked to analyze the persuasive strategies of a single text that takes a position on your controversy. For this assignment, your task is to write a 350-450 word paper in which you analyze how the author of your chosen text uses emotion to persuade his or her audience.

Edit for clarity: You are encouraged to use the same text for RS4, RS5, and essay 2.

Note that for our purposes, a “text” can be loosely defined as any persuasive effort that can be interpreted. A “text” may be a print article (such as an opinion column in a newspaper). It may also be a blog entry, a video, a commercial, an image, or a web-page. You should select a text that makes a clear argument–a text that very clearly asks the audience to believe, feel, or do something.


This research summary must include three sections:

In the first section of your summary, briefly introduce your controversy and chosen source.

In the second part of your summary, choose two or three specific emotional elements of the text to analyze (for example, a single anecdote; the article’s title; etc.). For each example, introduce your hypothesis about the element. Describe the element by paraphrasing or quoting directly. Interpret that element to explain what emotions it evokes and what the importance of those emotions are for the argument that the author is making. Remember, it is not enough to say that the articles “makes you feel strongly” - you want to figure out what kinds of feelings are being created, and how those feelings are persuasive.

In your conclusion, sum up your analysis by explaining the relationship between your examples. What do they tell you about the author’s persuasive strategy? Are they effective?


Research Content



Note: research summaries that do not meet these parameters will not be accepted.