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Assignment Overview

One of the primary objectives of this course is the development of efficient and effective writing methods. Revision is a key aspect of the writing process: in this course, you will be required to revise essays 1, 2, and 3.

Edited April 24 for clarity: All revisions must address three revision goals. For essay 1.2, you will be given goals from the instructor. For essay 2.2 and 3.2, you will write your own goals, with instructor approval. You will be evaluated on the relevance of your chosen goals, and on your ability to effectively meet those goals.

Each revision should be accompanied by a cover page. Specific requirements are described below.

Essay 1.2

Your cover page for essay 1.2 should include:

Essay 2.2

Essay 2.2 must include a one-paragraph abstract.
Your cover page for essay 2.2 should include:

Essay 3.2

Note: your revision for essay 3.2 is for the “article” portion only (not the reflection)
Your cover page for essay 3.2 should include: