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Unit 2 - Analyzing a Position Within a Controversy

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Unit Overview

In this unit, you will focus on one position within your controversy and produce a close analysis of a single credible text that advocates that position in a representative way.

It’s important to remember that an analysis involves more than a summary of a writer’s argument. Whereas a summary emphasizes the text’s content or what the text says—central claims, key evidence, and a recap of the conclusion—an analysis also examines how an argument is put together and why specific rhetorical choices may have been made.

As Critical Situations demonstrates, there are many approaches to and vocabularies for rhetorical analysis. We will practice using some of these approaches and vocabularies in class, and you will in turn be able to apply them to your own controversy. Ultimately, it will be important not only to address the textual aspects of your articles but also the context to which they address themselves. To prepare yourself for this task, you’ll need to do some more research, this time with the goal of locating one print source (such as a newspaper or magazine article) that somehow informs your analysis. This source may provide a point of comparison or contrast to the text you’re analyzing. It may teach you something about the audience, the conversation, or the venue in which your text appeared. You will also have to explain how you conducted your research and why you believe your chosen sources are credible.