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This schedule shows deadlines for all graded assignments throughout the semester. It will be updated with reading requirements and other assignments as the semester progresses.

Unit 1: Describing a controversy and mapping the various positions within it.

T 1-14
Th 1-16 Due: read intro, Sandel: What Money Can’t Buy

T 1-21 Due: Wikipedia Worksheet printed, in class
Th 1-23 Due: RS1 printed, in class and by canvas by 11 am.
Fr 1-24 RS1 Edits Due: via canvas by 10am

T 1-28
Th 1-30 No class: student meetings. Due: Research proposal and source spreadsheet via canvas by 10am

T 2-4
Th 2-6 Due: RS2 via canvas by 10am (Note change due to weather)

T 2-11 Due: RS3 via canvas by 10am (Note change due to weather)
Th 2-13 Due: Essay 1.1 draft printed, in class (Note change due to weather)

T 2-18 Due: Essay 1.1 via canvas by 10am (Note change due to weather)

Unit 2: Analyzing a position within a controversy.

Th 2-20

T 2-25
Th 2-27 Due: Essay 1.2 via canvas by 10am (Note change due to weather)

T 3-4
Th 3-6 RS4 Due (Note change due to weather)


T 3-18 RS5 Due (Note change due to weather)
Th 3-20 Due: Essay Two Proposal. Due: Watch Ian Bogost on Video Games

T 3-25 Due: Essay 2.1 Draft, in class, printed
Th 3-27 Due: Essay 2.1, via Canvas, by 10am

Unit 3: Advocating a position within a controversy

T 4-1 Read: Julia Alvarez: Ten of My Writing Commandments
Th 4-3 Due: bring a print copy of Essay 2.1 to class, along with three colors of pen or pencil or a combination. Due: Optional RS6.

T 4-8 Due: Essay 2.2 (via Canvas, by 10am). Optional reading: David Foster Wallace
Th 4-10 Due: Optional RS7.

T 4-15 Unit 3 Presentations. Optional reading: Zadie Smith
* Tuesday Presenters: Edna, Ben, James, Ethan, Aaron, Mickelyn, Anais, Wolf, Kaitlyn, Brenham
Th 4-17 Unit 3 Presentations, cont. Due: Optional RS8.
* Thursday Presenters: Richard, Luis, Alex, Denys, Jena, Sarah, Ram, Hassan, Evan, Javier, Mike.

T 4-22 Optional Reading: John McPhee, Elicitation.
Th 4-24 Due: Essay 3.1 Due via Canvas, by 10am.

T 4-29 Last Day of Class
Th 5-1 No class.
F 5-2 Due: Essay 3.2 via Canvas, by midnight.