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How do you ethically inform a general audience about the controversy that you have been researching? This course asks you to build a portfolio of articles about science for different publication contexts. In each case, you should be writing about your chosen controversy, providing information about the studies that you have focused on, and taking a position related to your controversy. That position may be research-based (“current research is inadequate”), it may be knowledge based (“thanks to research, we know that…”), or it may be policy-based (“based on current research, our best course of action is to…”).

In this assignment, you will write an 650-900 word blog post for a popular news venue like CNN, BBC, Fox News, etc. The subject of the blog post should be an academic article written by the person you are planning to interview. Your goal is to “translate” that article into a narrative that can be understood by your audience, and to contextualize it within the context of your controversy.

Before you begin, you are asked to complete a style worksheet for your chosen news venue. You will use this style worksheet to determine the voice of your writing.


Your essay will be evaluated on the following criteria (10 points each)

Minimum Requirements

For a C or above, your essay must:


Your paper must meet the following parameters, evaluated as shown below:

Proper Formatting:

Proper APA Citation:

Style Worksheet: failure to provide a Style Worksheet will result in a 10 point penalty.