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For this assignment, you will conduct an interview (over e-mail or in person) with a scientist at UT whose research is related to your field of study. For example, if you are researching climate change, you may choose to interview someone in geology who studies climate. Or you may choose to interview someone in engineering who studies alternative energy.

If you conduct an interview by email, you will submit a transcript of your interview, with questions and a clean, readable version of the answers. (See below for details.)

If you conduct an interview in person, you are not required to type up a full transcript. Simply write a list of all questions asked (the questions you intended to ask, and any questions that came up during the conversation), and one to two paragraphs describing the interview: how it went, whether anything surprising came up, if you consider it successful. (See below for details.)


Choosing a scholar

You are expected to find a scientist at UT whose work relates to your area of study. This may be a professor, a postdoctoral student, or a graduate candidate (a PhD student in their final two years of research). If you want to interview someone who doesn’t fit these characteristics (for example, someone at a different university), talk to me.

Interview Preparation

Before conducting your interview, you are expected to submit the interview preparation worksheet. You should have knowledge about the person you are interviewing, and a list of questions for the interview.

Conducting the interview

You are advised to conduct the interview by e-mail. You may remain in contact with your interview subject throughout the course of this unit. Talk to me if you want to conduct an interview in person.

You are advised to send a formal e-mail to schedule the interview by October 14.

Note: If you have trouble getting an interview scheduled because your interview subjeect is flaky or unresponsive, talk to me asap.

Writing the interview

Edited October 16: After conducting the interview, you need to format it for publication. This means providing a title and a one to two paragraph introduction.

If you conducted the interview by email, you will be asked to provide a clean and readable transcript (suggestion: make the questions boldface).

If you conducted the interview in person or by phone, you can provide either a typed transcript, or a brief reflection on the interview process along with your list of questions.


Your interview will be evaluated on the following criteria


Your paper must meet the following parameters, evaluated as shown below:

Proper Formatting:

Proper APA Citation: