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Popular Article Analysis

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For your rhetorical analysis, you will be asked to compare the persuasive strategies of two texts that take a position on your controversy. For this assignment, you are asked to complete the “science worksheet” worksheet for one of your chosen articles. Then, write a 300-350 word paper in which you analyze the article’s use of rhetorical devices.


This research summary must be accompanied by a completed Science Worksheet for your article.

This research summary must include three sections:

In the first section of your summary, briefly introduce the controversy and your chosen source.

In the second part of your summary, describe how your article uses science as a persuasive strategy (or not!), using 3-4 examples. Your subject for analysis might include the kinds of studies being cited, the language used to describe the studies, or the way that those studies are used to construct a logical argument.

For each example, you’ll need to both clearly describe the example (using quotes if necessary) and provide a hypothesis that explains the persuasive purpose of the example. Consider writing each paragraph in the form of a “quotation sandwich”:

To conclude, think briefly about the article more broadly. What does this analysis reveal about the article? About its position?


Your writing will be evaluated on the follow criteria:


Your paper must meet the following parameters, evaluated as shown below:

Proper Formatting:

Proper APA Citation:

Science Worksheet: should be completed for each article. 5 points per article.