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Portfolio Revision

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You are expected to revise all major writing assignments in this class.

After turning in each article for your portfolio, you will be given a grade along with thorough comments. For this assignment, you are asked to develop two revision goals for each article. You must e-mail these revision goals by December 4. Then, you are asked to seriously and thoroughly revise each article based on those goals. You must also correct any errors in citation and formatting.

You must revise the following articles:

Each revised essay should be submitted along with a cover page that has the following elements:


You will be evaluated based exclusively on your ability to meet the revision goals. While some goals may be fairly straightforward or minor (“Revise the wording in your introduction”), overall you are expected to make significant changes to your original papers in order to achieve these goals.

Failure to correct formatting or citation errors will result in a 10-point deducation from your final grade.