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Interview Prep Worksheet

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The interview prep worksheet must be completed prior to conducting the interview. You can download the word document here.


Find the researcher’s university bio to complete this section
Link to researcher’s university bio
Researcher’s name, e-mail address
Researcher’s position, Researcher’s department
Researcher’s area of study


In 1-2 paragraphs, explain why this researcher will be an interesting subject for your article.


Find the researcher’s CV to complete this section: Researcher’s doctoral alma mater: Researcher’s year of graduation (PhD): Researcher’s prior work experience:


Use the researcher’s website and CV to find this information. Also try the library website if necessary.

List the researcher’s most recent three publications, in APA format. Underneath each citation, copy and paste the article’s abstract.

Web Presence

Google the researcher. Does anything come up? If so, provide links to any professionally relevant articles or websites (a blog? An interview? A news article?) here.


Copy a draft of the e-mail you intend to send requesting an interview.


You will be evaluated based on:


Your paper must meet the following parameters, evaluated as shown below:

Proper Formatting: