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This schedule shows deadlines for all graded assignments throughout the semester. It will be updated with reading requirements and other assignments as the semester progresses.

Drafts are due, printed, in class (as indicated).

Graded assignments are due as word documents via canvas by noon.

NOTE: This schedule is subject to change until Aug 28, 2014.

Unit 1: Scientific Truth

Th: Aug 28

T: Sept 2
Th: Sept 4 Due: read Wakefield et. al., “Ileal-lymphoid nodular hyperplasia, non-specific colitis, and pervasive developmental disorder in children” and complete scientific article analysis. Due, printed, in class.

T: Sept 9 Due: Wikipedia worksheet, by noon, via canvas.
Th: Sept 11 Due: read Kennedy, Deadly Immunity and bring worksheet, completed, to class.

T: Sept 16 Due: read Wallace, An Epidemic of Fear, and complete worksheet.
Th: Sept 18 Due: Popular article analysis, printed, in class.
Sat: Sept 20 Due: submit final version of the Popular article analysis on canvas by 12 pm. Revision is optional.

T: Sept 23
Th: Sept 25 Due: Rhetorical Analysis 1.1 draft, printed, in class. Note that attendance during peer review is mandatory.

T: Sept 30 Due: Rhetorical Analysis 1.1, by noon, as word document, via canvas.

Unit 2: Scientific Rhetoric

Th: Oct 2 Due: Read Gary Greenberg: Inside the Battle to Define Mental Illness

T: Oct 7 Due: Interview prep worksheet, via canvas, noon.
Due: bring a copy of your rhetorical analysis 1.1, printed, to class
Th: Oct 9
Due: listen to “Bad Diagnosis For New Psychiatry ‘Bible’”.

Sun: Oct 12 Due: Research Proposal. Submit via canvas, by midnight.
T: Oct 14 (no class, meetings. Bring a print or digital copy of your research proposal). Due: recommended date to contact your chosen interview subject.

Th: Oct 16 Revised Deadline: [Rhetorical Analysis 1.2 (revision)](assignments/analysisRevision.html)
Read David Levine: “Why are people so Interested in the DSM-5?”, and read Jeffrey A. Lieberman, “DSM-5: Caught Between Mental Illness Stigma and Anti-Psychiatry Prejudice”, and read Ferris Jabr: “No One Is Abandoning the DSM, But It Is Almost Time to Transform It”

T: Oct 21 Due: Blog Post Draft, printed, in class. Note: Peer review is mandatory. Read: “Schizophrenia as a political weapon” and read “How Schizophrenia became a Black Disease”
Th: Oct 23 Read: Steven Hyman, “Time for New Schizophrenia Rx” and read Maria McNutt, “Improving Scientific Communication” and read “Filling the void” (editorial) in Nature

Sun: Oct 26 Due: Blog Post, via canvas, by 6am.

T: Oct 28 Due: Interview. Read: “Can a Jellyfish Unlock the Secret of Immortality?”
Th: Oct 30 Read Edward Abbey, “Polemic”

T: Nov 4 Due: Researcher Profile Draft, printed, in class. Note: peer review is mandatory.
Th: Nov 6 Due: Researcher Profile, via canvas, by noon.

Unit 3: Science writing

T: Nov 11 Due: Op-Ed Draft, printed, in class. Note: Peer review is mandatory.
Th: Nov 13 Due: Op-Ed, via canvas, by noon. Watch Cosmos, a Spacetime Oddyssey (season 1, episode 1, 2014: “Standing Up in the Milky Way”)(Available on Netflix, Amazon, or on reserve at the Fine Arts Library)

T: Nov 18 Read: Asimov, Nightfall
Th: Nov 20 Due: Feature Article Draft, printed, in class. Note: peer review is mandatory.

T: Nov 25 Due: Feature Article, via canvas, by 3:30. No class.
Th: Nov 27 Thanksgiving Day, no class

T: Dec 2: Presentations. Read Artifice (warning: NSFW)
Th Dec 4: Presentations, cont…
Due: Revision Goals, via canvas (message), by noon.

F Dec. 12: Revised Portfolio due, 3 pm