Hannah Alpert-Abrams

  I am committed to improving working and learning conditions in higher education. My current projects aim to create space for radical transparency, shared vulnerability, and collective action.

Envisioning a Better Future for Higher Education

The Visionary Futures Collective

The Visionary Futures Collective is a community of people working in and around academia. We use our skills as humanists to imagine and advocate for a better future for higher education.

The Academic Job Market Support Group

The AJMSG is a repository of resources relating to searching for academic and alt-ac jobs. It is also a support network for humanists working to reimagine their professional futures.

The Postdoctoral Laborers

The Postdoctoral Laborers was a labor-advocacy group that developed resources for humanities postdocs and their supervisors.

Writing & Speaking

Open letter to my friend, who I love, who wants to get a PhD in literature

Medium. July 19, 2020.

In and Beyond the Digital: Career Pathways for Humanists

Virtual Presentation for the Medieval Academy of America.
Posted on YouTube May 14, 2020.

Alt-Ac's Shining Moment

Medium. May 8, 2020.

What the Humanities Do in a Crisis

Medium. April 5, 2020.

Writing a Dissertation at the End of the World

Medium. March 27, 2020.

An Open Letter to Graduating Students

Medium. March 25, 2020.

Job & Advocacy Resources

Campus Caregivers

Documenting the conditions of caregivers on campus, and taking action to fight for a better future.

How to Apply for Academic Jobs in 2020

Medium. May 21, 2020.

The Academic Job Market Support Network

A public resource hosted by Humanities Commons.

The Alt-Ac Support Network

A database of post-phd humanists available to talk about career options.

The Postdoctoral Laborers Bill of Rights

Guidelines for ethical post-PhD employment, for supervisors and job candidates.
Co-authored with the Postdoctoral Laborers.

Academic Tarot

Every academic deserves a psychic friend.

Graduate School Materials

Program Requirements

Completed dissertation in Comparative Literature (UT Austin, 2017)

Dissertation prospectus in comparative literature (UT Austin, January 2016)

Proposal circulated prior to an oral exam. Please note that my thinking has changed a lot since I wrote this!

Comprehensive exam reading list (UT Austin, 2015)

Four reading lists on the topics of: "Media and film in c20 Latin America," "Archives and History in Latin American Lit," "Colonial Mesoamerica," and "Book History and Digital Humanities".

Qualifying exam reading list in comparative literature (UT Austin, 2012)

Reading list for preliminary exams taken during the second year of the masters degree.

Grad Student Grant Proposals

Continuing Fellowship Proposal, UT Austin College of Liberal Arts (2015)

Proposal for an internal UT Austin fellowship to fund one year of on-campus dissertation writing.

Tinker Summer Fellowship Proposal, UT Austin College of Liberal Arts (2014)

Proposal for an internal UT Austin fellowship to fund exploratory pre-dissertation summer research.

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