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I am a PhD candidate in comparative literature at the University of Texas at Austin. I am interested in archives, cultural studies, book history, and digital humanities. My current research focuses on the circulation of historical documents from early colonial and pre-colonial Mexico.

I manage the Reading the First Books project at LLILAS Benson Latin American Studies and Collections.

Email: halperta@gmail.com
Curriculum Vitae

Scholarly Publishing


Machine Reading the Primeros Libros

Hannah Alpert-Abrams
Digital Humanities Quarterly. November 2016.

Representing the Social History of Early Modern Printed Objects

Hannah Alpert-Abrams
Scholarly Editing. May 2016.

An Unsupervised Model of Orthographic Variation for Historical Document Transcription

Dan Garrette and Hannah Alpert-Abrams
Proceedings of NAACL 2016   [slides .pdf]

Unsupervised Code-Switching for Multilingual Historical Document Transcription

Dan Garrette, Hannah Alpert-Abrams, Taylor Berg-Kirkpatrick, and Dan Klein
Proceedings of NAACL 2015   [slides .pdf]

Translating an Unreadable Novel: The Lost Steps in the United States

Pterodáctilo 11, Fall 2012

Scholarly Book Reviews

Sandro Jung and Stephen Colclough, eds. The History of the Book. Thematic Issue of the Yearbook of English Studies, no. 45.

SHARP News, Spring 2016

Book Review: Kathryn Burns, Into the Archive.

E3W Review of Books, Spring 2014.

Digital Projects

The Archaeology of a Book

An experimental approach to reading rare books in archival contexts. Published with Scalar. (Not reviewed)

Reading the First Books

A two-year, multi-university effort to develop tools for the automatic transcription of early modern printed books. Funded by the NEH Office of Digital Humanities.

Talks and Posters

Fellows Talk: An Unexpected Influence

Hannah Alpert-Abrams

John Carter Brown Library [pdf]

Optical Character Recognition

Hannah Alpert-Abrams

MLA 2017 [slides .pdf]

Esta ãphibologia no ay ē latin: Machine reading linguistic hybridity in the Primeros Libros

Hannah Alpert-Abrams

Tercer Encuentro de Humanidades Digitales [slides .pdf] [notes .pdf]

The Electronic Edition of Colonial and Nineteenth-Century Latin American Texts: New Tools, New Models for Collaboration (workshop panelist) [+]

Hannah Alpert-Abrams

Latin American Studies Association 2016 [slides .pdf]

Printed Books as Digital Textual Objects: the case of the Advertencias para los confessores de los Naturales [+]

Hannah Alpert-Abrams

Modern Language Association 2016 [slides .pdf] [project website]

Machine Reading in the Mexican Colonial Archive: OCR and the Primeros Libros [+]

Hannah Alpert-Abrams

ADE STS Joint Conference 2015 [slides .pdf]

Automatic Transcription in Colonial Contexts

Hannah Alpert-Abrams and Dan Garrette

TXDHC 2015 [poster .pdf]

Reading the Primeros Libros: from Archive to OCR [+]

Hannah Alpert-Abrams and Dan Garrette

ACLA 2015 [slides .pdf]

From Archival Network to Digital Archive:
Digital Repatriation and the Advertencias para los Confessores de los Naturales

TXDHC 2014

Hybrid Romances in Borges and Baudelaire   [+]

ACLA 2013

In Memory and Archives   [+]

Collected writings from the "Memory and Archives" panel at the 2012 Graduate Association in Comparative Literature conference at the University of Texas at Austin.



Introduction to Scalar for Undergraduates

University of Texas, Fall 2015

Topic Modeling: an introduction to Mallet

University of Texas, Fall 2014

Course Websites

Rhetoric 309k: Rhetoric of Science Writing

University of Texas, Fall 2014

Rhetoric 306: Rhetoric and Writing

University of Texas, Spring 2014

Rhetoric 306: Rhetoric and Writing

University of Texas, Fall 2013

Other Writing

Pterodáctilo blog   [+]

Revista de arte, literatura, lingüistica y cultura

Book Reviews   [+]

Computational Linguistics and Literary Scholarship

With Dan Garrette. Language Log, September 12, 2013.

Full-Stop blog   [+]

Disco, marriage, archival parties.


Program in Comparative Literature at the University of Texas at Austin

Institute for Days Spent Making

Bat City Review

This Truth Never Fails by David Rynick

The School of Making Thinking

Nuestro Huerto

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